Keep trying.

Haters are gonna hate. 
Here's a dancer from another time. Not sure he will fly this time tho...


Dr Sketchy

From really old to less old session. Thanks again to marvelous Dr Sketchy organisation ! What a suspens, seems like my blog doesn't want to die just yet ! Hehe... Maybe even more stuff to come, who knows ?! Folks, stay tuned !



Forgotten stuff

I barely remember those ! Don't worry guys, I'll do better next time ! 
(now that I know each one of you ! :P)


Animal bulk...

...& first post of spring time ! At least !
I recently discovered a strangely proportioned animal : the serval !
So here you go, in those weird scribbles of animals, a whole page of it ! Hope you'll enjoy :P


Old Times...

When Gods used to walk under the surface, closer to Gaïa.
[~Meaning : playing around with brushes really ! Trying stuff I never took the time to try before !~]
Special thanks to Cephalon for her precious advices <3