Well well...

Trying to draw characters I would usually don't ... Trying different things anyway ! :} Is it weird ? :S


Dumans&Nitafishie's Crap :D

Ce que ça donne lorsque Nitafishie et Dumans sont trèèès interessées par les cours... On ne se refait pas, hein ? ;P


Recently !

Who thought I would ever post anything again on that over-dying blog ? Well, well God has mercy ! :D Sometimes miracles do happen...
And maybe there'll be some more those days ! For those who are still curious about little Dumans' whereabouts !
So this is just a little project Loulouln offered me to work on with her, and even if it was just for one character, I really enjoyed it, so hopefully, won't be the last project done together :]

Loulouln's designs for the lovely girls :



Dans le plus pur style Martine,..découvre la lecture ! :} Toute une génération ! (de traumatisés :D)