(Done on DS :)

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SirOiLaS a dit…

more, more and more please! I love the sketchs you did. why don't you do it more? mmm? why? mmm? Miss Dumans there's hundreds of wonderful drawings waiting for you at the tip of your pencil. Just do me a favor and bring them out. I know I'll like them.
Bisou :)

Ty Carter a dit…

Nice sketch!

libra bear a dit…

Now that's just showing off. How goes it Ms Dumans? :)

Marguerite Dumans a dit…

aaaw !Thank you very much everyone !!
That's motivating ! =)

@Luis : To my most diligent fan, thank you, thank you so much =) for supporting me this way :P Aha ur message's still making me laugh everytime I read it (yep, I'm reading it often to remember!) I'll try to do u this favor as soon as my year's finished ! Pretty busy at the moment ! Didn't even have a sec to apply for internships with a nice portfolio (still wip) ! :)

@Ty Carter : Thank you very much for stopping by !!! Not used to having Pixar/Dreamworks ppl going on my blog :P

@Wes : AAAAAAAAAAAAAWwww Here goes the famous Wesley telling me I'm showing off ! hehehe Where are ur updates Libra Bear ?!!! I am waiiitiiing ! =) hehe I've just finished the Plantu's project (aaaat LAST!) and now I shall dedicate myself to help on 3d year's film + my portfolio and reel... (Any internship where ur working ? :P) Xxxx

Nicholas Hong a dit…

haha nice one!

Reikan a dit…

Q...QUE !!

clé a dit…

Salut marguerite !
Merci pour la visite et le commentaire. J'ai fait un tour sur plusieurs de tes blogs, c'est canon sans déconner ! à plus tard !