Lovely people

I love the people =)
Both Hugo&Hugo were sitting beside each other, so serious and focused.
And that, my friend, doesn't have much to do with the previous sketches but it's a wiiip ! 
I've done few quick sketches of "him" already but now that Gobelins is about to "pause" for the summer, I'm really looking forward to look into his souuul and defiiine his DESTINY ! 
"Yea sure." 


Special Annecy Post !

Annecy's opening short we did with Pedro Vergani, Sarah Simon, Myriam Fourati and Elssa Boyer :)

My part on the film... With EPIC music !

I also updated -at last !- my portfolio on my other blog http://dumansbook.blogspot.fr/ feel free to have a look ;]



I really enjoy the film :) and must say I was delighted by the performance of Cid !