Special Annecy Post !

Annecy's opening short we did with Pedro Vergani, Sarah Simon, Myriam Fourati and Elssa Boyer :)

My part on the film... With EPIC music !

I also updated -at last !- my portfolio on my other blog http://dumansbook.blogspot.fr/ feel free to have a look ;]

4 commentaires:

L ROSSI a dit…

Well done! n.n
T'as fait du bon boulot :3
(AKA Marguerite Dumans XD)

Marguerite Dumans a dit…

Ah ! The Great Laurent ! Thank you for passing by :P hahaha and having a laugh ;] hehe when are u comin' down to teach us some proper animation ? ;P

L ROSSI a dit…

ummmm.... how about.... when I actually know how to animate? :3

Mayumi Elisa a dit…

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