Something really special I participated to, initiated by my friend LN for our Gobelins'friends who got married :} We printed a book out of it ! Great experience ! You can find all the illustrations here : Todd+Karina

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Mamac a dit…

ralentesquoi de plus beau et plus réjouissant que ce jeune couple parti vers les sommets en dansant sur un tapis d'étoiles... ?

SirOiLaS a dit…

Hello Anne :) I don't know how you do it, but I always like your illustrations. They're not even the kind of thing I usually like, but you manage to do it :)
I love the simplicity in this one. I love the lines. I love how you manage to put such strong colors together without ruining the image. And what I like more is the immediate feeling it gives us. very nice indeed... :)

L ROSSI a dit…

Awesome! :)
I never saw the whole book - and I didn't know they were all up on that blog! :S (I didn't like seeing mine amongst all the other AMAZING pieces .... how embarrassing!)
See ya soon!

Marguerite Dumans a dit…

aaaaaaaaawawawa thanks guys !!! =) Really nice com's !!

@Siroilas : aha thank you so much for your enthusiasm, always Luis ! =) such a good support to me :) very encouraging !

@Laurent : Hehe ! And guess what ?! You were juuust in front of mine !!! aha ! What should I say as well ?! =) But I thought it was a really nice contrast to have something Black&white in front of colors... Hope you liked it as well :s (seems "mitigé" lol) :3

Wish you guys a very nice new year eve !! See u soon !!! Yea you as well Luis !!! :3