Byzance !

"Byzance !" like someone I love would say. It's actually a really expression ! (I'd say french ?) Meaning something unusual and glitzy is happening :)) Aha, yes, I obviously admit it is a bit too much to describe what's happening on my blog right now. (But I'm happy, I never updated that often, now let's try to keep it up... !) 

As for the drawing is concerned... Well, it's just a WIP ! =)
(And if anyone asks yes, it does look a bit like...Me, skinny version !... Which I never was. Ever. Ever. "Keep dreaming" aha.)

Sketches !

We don't get tired of those, do we ?! B-) IF that's a yes... Well, don't you worry guys ! I've got something different coming for you ! <3 font="">


A train, a sketchbook.

My scanner let me down guys, (RIP ô good scanner!) So there you go, sorry for the bad i-phone quality shots !!! Meanwhile, I'm grateful I can use it as a replacement :}

As the sketchs are concerned, a lovely girl carrying flowers on the train inspired them, not really a study I'd say ! I went from a more realistic style to something more stylized -I tried- then I felt I had to put colors...
One thing led to another...


Time for a reborn...

Man ! Will I ever take the time to care for that blog regularly ?! By thinking nothing's good enough to post I usually end up not posting anything, which is depressing ! But Annecy c'est fini ! =) So obviously now's the time to work for its sake !