Dr Sketchy & me

We had a really nice time at the quai Branly thanks to Dr Sketchy, from martial arts (not enough though !! ;)) to japanese styled girls, and the atmosphere was electrified by a nice DJ, that was thrilling ! Hope you'll like my littl'sketches !


Sweet dreams...

Something inspired by a classmate's pic taken while she was standing by her animation table. She doesn't look like that at all, but the pic was really nice, made me want to try that ^^ Bonne nuit !


Winter's coming...

Une fois n'est pas coutume, je me persuade de ne pas laisser -mourir- ce blog tranquille ! I have loads of things to update but didn't have the time yet to select what to keep... Despite my bad habit of non-updating, I'm still hoping but mainly trying to make a change ! Never give up ! :D